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About Us

Membership in ACEC Colorado is a Good Business Decision!

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado is the business association of 230 member firms employing more than 10,000 employees in the independent private practice of consulting engineering. ACEC Colorado is a primary resource for accessing engineering information, expertise and business ethics practices.

ACEC Colorado is committed to preparing members for prosperity – being a member will make your company better because you can access best practices, education and information that directly impacts your business. 

Your company will benefit from being made aware of important changes, for example, in tax laws and incentives that can save your company thousands of dollars; upcoming legislation that affects the way you do business; and changes in contract language with agencies that can affect the liability of you and your sub-consultants.  When you know what’s coming, you have the ability to respond rather than react and be better prepared to deal with the issues.

Your company will also benefit from new ideas and skills that your employees bring to your firm by participating in industry specific programs, educational workshops, best practices training and executive level business courses, at a reduced cost. The more they know, the more they can do and the more valuable they are to your business – especially if they take advantage of our HR, ITand Finance listserves.

The visibility your business gains is among the greatest benefits your membership offers.  Other professionals and key influencers will know who you are, which open doors to new business opportunities.

For additional Member Only Benefits and the ROI of Membership

ACECColorado is important to the industry as a whole because there is strength in numbers.  Together we speak with one powerful voice.  The Council is a place for members to learn from each other, to create opportunities for each other through collaboration and consortium involvement.  We protect the interests of our industry by advocating for best practices, providing input and feedback to agencies that contract for our services to ensure fair and balanced opportunity.

Importantly, we advocate for continuing education, upholding the value of professional licensure, and delivery of ethical service to further the stature of our industry.

ACEC/CO firms range in size from the small to very large, and serve as consultants to government, industry, contractors, developers, and private sector clients. The annual business volume of members in the Colorado organization is in excess of $300 million.

Firm Size

The annual construction cost arising from the services of ACEC/CO firms (both within and outside the State) exceeds two billion dollars. Private consultants have historically maintained an important role in Colorado’s economy.

Consulting engineering firms in ACEC/CO provide expertise for a wide range of activities including acoustical, chemical, civil, electrical, geotechnical, industrial, materials, mechanical, mining, petroleum, photogrammetric, structural, transportation, water resources, environmental and agricultural engineering and surveying.

Firm Type

ACEC/CO has maintained a vital membership and today more than 50 percent employ 15 persons or less. Among the most valued benefits of belonging to ACEC/CO is the ability for small firms to organize, share information and evolve best business practices in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. Larger firms (100+ employees) are also engaged with ACEC/CO representing seven percent of membership. industry.

Code of Ethics

With high regard for the engineering profession and recognizing in the Code of Ethics a set of dynamic principles to guide their services to their fellow men, and with full knowledge of the responsibility of consulting engineers to safeguard health, safety, and public welfare, a member of American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado:

  • Brings credit, honor and dignity of the engineering profession to their dealings with clients, other engineers, and the public.
  • Acts for their clients as a faithful agent or trustee and accepts remuneration only in accordance with their stated charges for services rendered.
  • Exchanges non-confidential engineering information with other engineers, students, and the engineering press, encourages the public knowledge of engineering, and insures proper credit for engineering works.
  • Solicits engineering work assignments according to high professional standards, without offering commissions, or using undue influence.
  • Upholds and promotes the principle of selection of consulting engineers for assignments on the basis of qualifications, including training, skill, experience, personnel, work loads, and availability.
  • Associates as a consulting engineer only with engineers and other professionals who conform to ethical practices.
  • Shall be familiar with, and abide by, the ACEC Professional and Ethical Conduct Guidelines.
  • Continue their professional development throughout their career, and shall provide opportunities for the development of those under their supervision.


Articles of incorporation and By-Laws


2014-2015 Board of Directors


Vice President

Past President


National Director

Directors– Metro

Peter Monroe,P.E.

Marvinetta Hartwig, P.E.

Greg Roush, P.E.

Elizabeth Stolfus, P.E.

Rob Refvem, P.E.

Craig Watts,P.E.

Steve Ravel, P.E.

Ceila Rethamel, P.E.

Matt Schlageter,P.E.

Director – South

Director – West

Director – North

Scott Sammons

Dave Merritt, P.E.

Frank Kohl, PLS



Executive Director

Education Coordinator



Marilen Reimer, CAE

Julie Ann Dill

Della Rosell

Chris Faessen