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On the cover: (l-r) Major Tim Keeton, Colorado State            CONTENTS
Patrol; ACEC Colorado President Elizabeth Stolfus, PE;
Captain Rob Marone, Colorado State Patrol; Captain              Engineering Colorado is a publication of ACEC Colorado
Greg Gilbert, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority,                   on issues, people and the political and economic environments
pictured at the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority.                 affecting the industry, and the maintenance and growth of
                                                                Colorado’s infrastructure.

                    President  Elizabeth Stolfus, PE            President’s View                       P-3
              Vice President   Nancy Clanton, PE                                                       P-4
       Secretary-Treasurer     Craig Watts, PE                  Why Leadership Matters                 P-7
Immediate Past President       Marvinetta Hartwig, PE                                                  P-9
         National Director     R. Gregory Roush, PE             We’re Engineers Because...             P-11
Directors – Metro              Brad Doyle, PE                   Siegel on the Changing Role of
                               Dave DiFulvio, PLS                                                      P-18
 Director – South              Bill Green, PE                   Engineering Our Quality of Life
   Director – West             Jennifer Ashworth, PE                                                   P-28
 Director – North              Karlene Thomas, PE               Servant Leadership                     P-32
                               Wyatt Popp, PE                   Colorado Response Teams and Engineers  P-33
                               Forbes Guthrie                   on Community Safety, Saving Lives and
                                                                Changing the World                     P-35
                            STAFF                                                                      P-36
      Executive Director Marilen Reimer, CAE                    Feature: ACEC Colorado 2017
 Deputy Director/COO Heidi Gordon, CAE                          Engineering Excellence Awards          P-37
 Membership Manager Anne Footle                                                                        P-39
Membership Concierge Stephanie Munoz-Fox                        Power Through the People
    Events Coordinator Jacquie Marks
                                                                The ACEC PAC
               Accountant Della Williamson
                                                                Walk This Way
ENGINEERING COLORADO PRODUCTION STAFF                           Meet David Pulsipher, City and County
                                                                of Denver’s New Pedestrian Planner
     Editor | Art Director Adrienne Thiele Dallagiacoma
                                   üli Creative LLC             2017 Legislative Update
                                   PR Counsel to ACEC Colorado
                                                                ACEC Colorado 2016 General Palmer
                                                                Award Recipient Gary Reynold, PE

                                                                Engineers in the News

                                                                From the Executive Director
                                                                The Business of Engineering Colorado

                                      800 GRANT STREET, SUITE 100, DENVER, COLORADO 80203
                                             (303) 832.2200

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