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Celebrating 60 Years


In 2016 ACEC Colorado celebrated 60 years of          and offer ways to become an integral part of shaping
building a better profession. As members of           the future. Increasingly, engineering companies are
consulting engineering companies, our practice        engaging leaders in finding their own voices of
areas and clients vary widely, but many of the        stewardship. I encourage you to listen for those
reasons we do what we do are the
same. Like our predecessors, today’s                                       voices throughout this magazine. I
consulting engineering community sees                                      have found them truly inspirational.
a brighter future for our world and
executes that vision every day. Engineers                                  As we continue to encounter
are stewards of society. We are factual                                    demands by the community for
resources in policy development. We are                                    better, safer solutions to everyday
visionary leaders in creating quality of                                   problems, engineers will continue to
life for the public. We provide the career                                 create new realities that achieve
of choice for future generations. We                                       peace and harmony with the
strive to make engineering a better                                        world’s resources, convenience,
business. Unlike some common images                                        resiliency, security, and more. As a
in today’s world, engineers lead with                                      profession, we love a challenge.
humility supported by facts.                                               Challenges engage our creativity
                                                      and foster new ideas. Certainly, this is part of why
Over six decades the composition of engineering       we are passionate about our work: we have the
firms has evolved. Today firms employ a wealth of     opportunity to convert challenges into solutions.
expertise to deliver increasingly complex visions.
In addition to engineers, our companies employ        The engineering community will stand as stewards
planners, architects, builders, scientists, environ-  well into the future, working collaboratively with
mental and technology specialists, community          partners, clients, our employees and the public to
relations personnel, marketing professionals,         make our world a better place. We will continue
graphic and web designers, and researchers.           active involvement with civil leadership, mentoring
The collaborative energy generated in our multi-      students, and educating the public about the
disciplinary settings results in complete solutions   necessary considerations and tasks involved in
for daily life provided with the added benefit of     maintaining our natural and built environments, in
increased community engagement. It’s exciting to      addition to the tools that make infrastructure useful.
see the dynamic evolution of our personnel and the    Importantly, we will continue to evolve our
expanded capabilities we now bring to our sphere      businesses to respond to the ever changing needs
of responsibility.                                    of our world and to propel our industry toward the
                                                      promise of a bright and prosperous future that
As an industry, we are fortunate to attract the best  benefits everyone by aligning community values,
and brightest minds of future generations to our      regulatory requirements, and engineering solutions.
profession, because our businesses support the        Now is the time – join the conversation! n
desired lifestyles of current and future engineers
                                                      Photo courtesy Elizabeth Stolfus

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