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Engineers have always known that being involved          Being involved in critical decision-making forums
matters, whether it be through mentoring students,       allows engineers to offer their balanced critical
teaching courses, volunteering at community              thinking to policy makers, influentials, and others
functions, or being actively engaged in organiza-        who are charged with solving community issues
tions and philanthropic endeavors. It’s meaningful       and putting into place appropriate and sustainable
to many and fundamentally rewarding.                     solutions that will better the community. It stands
                                                         to reason that everyone benefits from involvement
Today ACEC Colorado has seen a surge in mem-             by those who have vast and varied experiences that
bers who are choosing to be civically involved,          can influence better outcomes.
because they know that being a part of leadership
in action makes an impact. Each and every day            Engineers serve as a trusted resource for communi-
engineers are visioning our future and determining       ties because they bring unique perspectives that are
the best possible solutions to affect positive societal  drawn from years of practice in solving problems
change. Offering these skills outside of the work        for clients. David Merritt, PE, principal water
environment is becoming increasingly attractive,         resources consultant with AECOM in Glenwood
because engineers realize that being a part of the       Springs, is one of those interested engineers who
process is as important – if not more important –        has chosen to dedicate time to civic involvement.
than implementing a vision that has already been         He has found a greater purpose through this work,
determined.                                              which has also become a family affair.
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